Launch- Online

Date: January 30, 2013
Time: 9:00 PM - 11:15 PM
Time Zone: Eastern Time

Location: Online with your computer

Contact: Heather Lehman

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 816-373-8667


LAUNCH is a leadership course that is the launching point in your personal odyssey of leadership development and sets the basis for the four component modules to follow. Therefore, this module is a prerequisite for each of the other four components of the APO LEADS program.

Due to the unique feature of this program being online, there will be certain responsibilities placed on the registrants of this course. First each person must register and participate individually on their computer. Group viewing for this program will not be accepted. To participate in Launch as a group, please request a Live presenter to come to your campus to present the course.

To register for this program click here.

This program will run live across the country.
Starting times will be:
9pm Eastern
8pm Central
7pm Mountain
6pm Pacific

The program will run 2 hours 15 minutes.
The system requirements can be found on the registration page.

Completion of the course requires you to log on to the GoTo Webinar software program by the designated start time, and to stay for the duration of the 2 hour and 15 minute program. The software may take a few minutes to load if you have not used this before, so please plan to jump online at least 10 minutes early. The software calculates how long you are online with the program. It also calculates the percentage of time you spend with the presentation window as your active window on your desk top. So if you move to another screen like your email or Facebook, the program calculates that into a final Attentiveness percentage. In order to gain final credit you must have Attentiveness rating of 70% or higher. You must also participate in all poll questions and chat questions. You must also complete the online evaluation for the course.

Requirements for Completion of Course:
• Attentiveness rating of 70% or higher
• Participate in all poll and chat questions
• Complete the online course evaluation Participants of this Launch Online course!

Please take the online course evaluation at the link below: