January 2016

Consultant Corner webpage image.pngNew Year, New Chapter!  
by Emily Lowndes 

2016 is a blank slate, and it is up to you as officers to determine the direction that the chapter takes this year. The best way to get organized for the new year is to ask all members what their vision is for the chapter. Hosting a Chapter Assessment and Planning Session (CAPS) is a great way to start this conversation. CAPS is a time for active members and advisors to evaluate what they like, don't like and want to change in the chapter, as well as determine the goals for the following semester or year. CAPS is a helpful tool for officers to gauge the strengths and areas of improvement of the chapter. Use it to set a course of action to do better. 

In many cases, chapters have already conducted CAPS or plan to do so at the end of the academic year. If this describes your chapter, now is the perfect time for review and reflection. The executive board can determine how to adapt programs and activities based on submitted feedback from chapter members, past officers and advisors. 

Regardless of the format or time of year the executive board collects and receives feedback, engaging all active members in a discussion about the future of the chapter does have long-term benefits. When all active members are part of deciding what works, what doesn't and what the priorities are for the chapter, everyone will have a stake in whether the chapter succeeds. This buy-in from the active body will go a long way in boosting morale and improving retention.