April 2016

Spring Cleaning: Effective Chapter Management at the End of the Academic Year
Spring has sprung! As we collectively celebrate new life blossoming in nature, it's time to look ahead and prepare for a new semester as well. Here are six tasks you can accomplish this month to effectively manage the end of the spring semester - think of it as the "spring cleaning" your chapter needs to conduct now to enjoy a happy, healthy fall 2016 later!

1. If you haven't already, schedule CAPS (Chapter Assessment and Planning Session)! It's a great opportunity for the brotherhood to establish a common vision, reflect on the successes of the past semester, and to create measurable goals for the future. Be sure to invite your chapter advisors and establish beforehand which members will facilitate which segments of CAPS - preparation provides for the most productive planning session possible.
2. Get ready for officer transition. Officers, ask yourselves what you're most proud of accomplishing, what your most important resources have been, and what goals you have for your successor, then put those reflections in writing! These are great topics to bring up when you meet with your successor one-on-one to help them learn the ropes of chapter communication, event-planning, and administrative tasks like accessing and utilizing the Chapter Officer Portal.
3. As the semester draws to a close, remember to review requirements and notify members of any changes to their membership status as necessary. If you're unsure of your chapter's protocol for this process, double-check the chapter's bylaws or standing policies or ask a chapter advisor.
4. You may not have schoolwork to complete over the summer, but there are tasks to attend to on Officer Portal! Make sure your executive committee knows who will be submitting graduating seniors (due June 1) and completing the Annual Chapter Evaluation form, Chapter Assessment and Planning Session (CAPS) form, H. Roe Bartle Award application, and COE/PPOE Award applications (all due July 31). Chapter presidents, this is a great chance for you to use your delegation skills one last time!
5. There are plenty of opportunities to develop your leadership skills in APO throughout the summer. Check out APO's events calendar and remind the chapter that they can register to attend a APO LEADS Serve course in Minneapolis, MN, Sacramento, CA, Canton, OH, or Dallas, TX; Membership Academy in Atlanta, GA, Hartford, CT, Iowa City, IA, or Los Angeles, CA; or Membership University in Hartford, CT or Lexington, KY. Members can also take the APO LEADS Launch course online this summer. All of these events are valuable opportunities to learn more about servant leadership in APO, elevated programming tactics specific to your chapter size, and best practices for effective chapter management. If any members of your chapter are planning on attending one or more of these events, make sure that they take notes and share their experience when the chapter regroups in the fall! 
6. Host an event to recognize the hard work the chapter's members have put into bringing LFS to the campus and community all year. If you have the time and resources to organize an awards banquet before final exams, do it! If not, try putting together a senior send-off fellowship to say one last goodbye to our graduates. Enjoy chapter members to cherish every moment they have with their brothers before a long summer apart.
If your chapter's officers commit to finishing out the semester strong by completing these tasks, the chapter will be in a wonderful position to excel from the very first day of the academic year. Let us know what you're doing to wrap up the spring '16 semester and prepare for fall on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!
And one more thing: to all of our members graduating this spring, congratulations! We can't wait to see how you continue to bring leadership, friendship, and service to your communities, and we're sure that you will experience great success in your future endeavors. Stay in touch!