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Understanding Risk Management

Course Enrollment Code: URM2016

Every member of Alpha Phi Omega has agreed in writing to uphold the policies of Alpha Phi Omega. This course will help you better understand risk management and what you can do as a brother to help promote a safe and productive fraternal environment.  The information is presented here to help you make responsible decisions about your chapter's program and to help you manage risks appropriately. Risk management is not just the responsibility of chapter's officers, but all brothers.


Chapter Officer Portal Overview

Course Enrollment Code: COP2016

This course is intended for, well, ANYONE! Whether you are a chapter officer, an active who hopes to take on an officer role, a sectional chair, or an alumnus just curious about current business practices, this is a great course to learn the ins and outs of the Chapter Officer Portal and the processes handled within this chapter management tool.

Essentials of Advising - APO Volunteer University

Course Enrollment Code: ADV2016

Essentials of Advising will discuss the basics of being an effective APO chapter advisor and the resources you have at hand while serving in that role. It is aimed towards new advisors or those who are considering moving into an advisor role with a chapter. This course is in the APO Volunteer University's Advisor Track. Please note that this course uses audio narration throughout. Please make sure your audio is turned up in order to get all of the content.   More courses coming to the APO Online Learning Center in fall 2016... 

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