Ongoing Chapter Maintenance Leads to Good Standing

nowlater_reminder.jpgGetting back into the groove of classes, homework and extra-curricular activities can be a lot to juggle at once. Understanding expectations, prioritizing deadlines and delegating tasks can go a long way to successfully tackling the to-do list. It is important for chapter officers to get on the same page with the National Fraternity's reporting expectations and deadlines in order for chapters to develop healthy habits and maintain good standing.    

Understanding Expectations
The Officer Portal (OP) is a tool that allows the National Fraternity to track membership and form submissions. It is required to be used by all chapters. Good standing is a status that all chapters should strive for, and it is possible - especially with on-going maintenance of mandatory reporting responsibilities. It is recommended that officers access and update the OP throughout the entire term. 

It is important that each officer is listed as soon as elections occur, ideally within 10 business days, and each of the listed officers creates an account on the OP. Therefore, OP reporting responsibilities need to be a part of the chapter's officer transition.   

Being in good standing is a perk in and of itself, however there are additional benefits including voting privileges at the National Convention and eligibility for the Chapter of Excellence and Pledge Program of Excellence Awards, among other awards.

Delegating Tasks  
Long-term maintenance of your chapter via the Officer Portal is easy, especially when the duties are split up and each officer understands their role. There are six chapter officers and the chapter advisory chair that have access to the OP, all of whom have different privileges and reporting responsibilities.  
  • Chapter President: Oversees officers complete their reporting duties; completes Charter Reaffirmation and AAMD roster form by November 15; updates the officer roster; submits any other chapter update forms, such as advisory chair information 
  • Vice President of Service: Submits NSW form by November 15; submits SYSD form by May 1  
  • Vice President of Membership: Works with chapter president to complete AAMD roster; updates the members tab to report graduating seniors and members who have left the school or chapter  
  • Pledge Educator: Submits the pledge roster 10 days after the ceremony; submits the initiate roster 10 days after the ceremony, ensuring that all pledges have validated their personal information  
  • Treasurer: Works with the chapter president and vice president of membership to ensure the fees are submitted for the AAMD roster; works with the pledge educator to ensure the fees are submitted for both the pledge and initiate rosters.  
  • Secretary: Works with the chapter president to fill out any additional forms; ensures that members' contact information is correct  
  • Chapter Advisory Chair: Approves the Charter Reaffirmation and AAMD form     
Prioritizing Deadlines
Although November 15 is an important deadline for Charter Reaffirmations, Annual Active Membership Dues, and National Service Week paperwork, there are many other dates to consider when it comes to required chapter reporting.   

Other requirements that chapters must complete to be in good standing include tax reporting, paying all balances owed to the National Fraternity, submitting pledge and initiate rosters within 10 business days, remaining in accordance with the National Bylaws, and reporting Spring Youth Service Day projects.   

For a complete list of all chapter requirements and optional items the chapter may wish to submit, download the Chapter Same Page Guide. (Note: You will need to login as a member before accessing the link)   

OP Training 
It is essential that all officers understand both their role in conducting chapter business and meeting reporting requirements, as well as understand how to use the Chapter Officer Portal.  

The Chapter Officer Portal Instruction manual and instructional videos are available for both new and experienced officers who need help using the OP.   

If you have questions regarding any of these requirements or the OP, contact the National Office at 816-373-8667.