Continuous Recruitment

Think recruitment is over now that you have welcomed new members into the chapter? Think again!   

5TIPS_contrecruit.jpgWith the semester winding down and new brothers initiated into the Fraternity, it is easy to think that recruitment is over until the next big "rush" period. However, recruitment should be a dynamic process-one that is constantly thought about and practiced.   

First and foremost, it is important to understand the mission and vision of Alpha Phi Omega before trying to sell it to others. The foundation of Alpha Phi Omega is to prepare leaders through service. Brothers must passionately and enthusiastically live out the Cardinal Principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service.   

The idea of continuous recruitment is that more leaders means more service conducted on campuses, in communities and throughout the nation. Recruitment should not just occur in two or three static periods, but rather throughout the entire year.   

In order to attract potential members, the name Alpha Phi Omega should constantly be visible, accomplishments should be celebrated, service projects should be shared and partnerships with organizations with similar missions should be cultivated. Chapter members should ask administrators and faculty for referrals of strong leaders on campus. Additionally, the chapter should conduct projects and host events over the summer break.     

More than anything, recruitment is about building relationships and trust among potential members. Brothers must be able to communicate the values and benefits of joining Alpha Phi Omega. Benefits of joining include gaining organizational planning skills, networking abilities, a sense of belonging and being able to give back to the community. Members should also know how to handle counter concerns or hesitations from potential members with explanations of the APO experience.   

Continuous recruitment is an important practice that hits all four of the Fraternity's national objectives of share, improve, invest and grow.   

Continuously sharing the name and spirit of Alpha Phi Omega will strengthen the relationship with current service and leadership partners and help build new partnerships to contribute more service to local communities. By sharing the chapter's accomplishments with the campus and community, Alpha Phi Omega is able to become "the" desired organizational partner of other nonprofit organizations.   

Recruiting throughout the year and inviting people to serve alongside the chapter will increase Alpha Phi Omega's presence on college campuses, leading to more students conducting more service. By the 100th anniversary in 2025, the Fraternity should have 500 active chapters and total membership of 30,000 members.  

By enhancing the quality of the Alpha Phi Omega experience on campus through diverse recruitment, the organization will become the first choice for volunteer service.   

Recruiting more members to conduct service will in turn increase the amount of time, talent and treasure given to the Fraternity.   

Chapters should try to incorporate continuous recruitment and the strategic goals into operational practices and consider adding these discussions to the Chapter Assessment and Planning Session.   

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