Virtual Half Marathon FAQs

What is a Virtual Half Marathon? 
Registering for the inaugural Virtual Half Marathon benefiting The Jared Box Project signifies your pledge to complete 13.1 miles. you can complete that distance on your own time frame. Running, walking, or moving the distance counts. Let your own spirit of leadership, friendship, and service be your guide as you head down this path towards completing 13.1 miles. This event relies on Alpha Phi Omega brothers being trustworthy and using the honor system to complete the distance. No proof of completion is require. However, we strongly recommend that you use social media to share your accomplishment, using #APOServes90

Does the 13.1 miles have to be completed at a specific time or location?
You may complete the race anywhere, any time. Don't forget to consider using it as a summer fellowship event or recruiting event this fall! The National Service Event, #APOServes90 lasts all year long. 

When will the medals and t-shirts be received? 
Every registrant will receive a finishers medal. This will be shipped to the address provided 4-6 weeks after the event is over. 

Can I order additional medals after the event is over? 
No. In an effort to make the donation to The Jared Box Project as large as possible, we're keeping cots as low as possible and are not ordering any additional medals. Don't worry though, after your assistance to make this event a success, there will be a 2nd annual Virtual Half Marathon in 2017, benefiting another partner organization. We'll have a medal as part of that event as well. 

How will the proceeds be used?
The financial donations will allow The Jared Box Project to expand their reach to more children, in more hospitals, and in more states across the country. According to The Jared Box Project the goal of the organization is to lift the spirits of children in the hospital. The boxes symbolize the importance of play and are filled with well wishes, hope and love. Jared Boxes provide a special diversion for young patients in emergency rooms, patient rooms, surgical centers, and clinics. 

Can we receive a receipt for tax purposes?
The team organizing the APO Virtual Half Marathon will be working with The Jared Box Project to assist them in providing receipts for all donations over $250.00. The Jared Box Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

For donations under $250 please refer to the IRS instructions for recording the charitable contribution. Please direct any other charitable contribution questions to your local tax professional. 

If you have additional questions that are not answered here, please contact Miranda Hoffmann at the National Office by emailing