Steps & Ideas

Steps/Ideas for Organizing Your Jared Box Project

1. Decide how many Jared Boxes you want to make. Use your Chapter Budget to plan your purchases. A good guideline ‐ you can make a Jared Box for $10 to $12.

2. Pick a hospital. Start with the Jared Box Hospital Directory, on the project's website,
If the hospital you had in mind is not on this list, no problem! You may contact your local
hospital directly. Call the hospital and ask for the Volunteer Services or the Child Life Departments. Tell that person about the Jared Box Project. Ask if they would be interested in receiving your Jared Boxes, get details on how to deliver your completed Jared Boxes, etc. The hospital will be thrilled to get your Jared Boxes!

3. Make a shopping list of toy ideas. In general, it is good to make half your boxes for girls and half your boxes for boys, with a variety of age groups in mind. You can plan your purchases based on the girl/boy/age group breakdown. Making this list will make your toy shopping easier. A list of suggested items to be placed in Jared boxes is available on the Jared Box website.

4. Purchase your supplies. See Sample Supply List at the end. Supplies can be purchased at Walmart, Target, Dollar Stores and craft stores. Dollar Stores are the best bet for toys.

5. Print labels for your boxes. A label template is on the project web site, the Smile label is for the top lid. The boy/girl labels go on the end of the box.

6. Now the fun part.... Make your Jared Boxes.

7. Decide if you want your box to be for a girl or boy and select an age group. Use a marker and check off your choice on the girl/boy label.

8. Fill your box with the toys you purchased. In general, put a variety in each box. Fill it up. Make it fun!

9. Print the Jared Box Project "Little Note from you." This document is available on the project web site, Cards can be printed on any 8 ½"x 11" paper. Cut out and place one card in each box.

10. Write a personal note to be placed in each box. Using any note card or paper, write a note to the child who will open your Jared Box. Be creative, draw a picture, tell them a joke, tell them about yourself, etc. Make sure to give credit to Alpha Phi Omega credit here, mention your chapter, etc. This note is a very important and special part of the box!

11. Decorate your Jared Box. You may use stickers, paints, permanent marker, etc. Jazz it up, make it cheerful. You may also get colorful tissue paper to place in the bottom of your box before you put the toys in.

12. Picture Time! Take pictures along the way: members making boxes, decorated boxes, stacks of boxes, group members holding boxes, delivery of boxes, etc. Go the extra mile - make a video of your project to share with us.

13. Share your progress and pictures on social media. Find us on Facebook, The Jared Box Project.We are also on Twitter and Instragram. Please follow us and post pictures!

14. Deliver your Jared Boxes to your chosen Hospital.

15. Please keep a record of the following: How many boxes you made, hospital name, address and phone number. We will add any new hospitals to the Jared Box Hospital Directory. Submit your project in the Officer Portal.

16. Pat yourself on the back. You've just done a very kind and thoughtful deed. Thank you! 

Jared Box Project Supply List:
  • Plastic shoebox‐size storage boxes - Readily available at most retail stores, approximately $1 each.
  • Toys/Items for boxes ‐ Depending on size of toys, a box usually holds around 7 or so toys.
  • Labels ‐ Standard 2"x 4"mailing labels, (e.g., Avery 18163.) Available at Walmart, Target, Staples, etc.
  • Supplies to decorate the boxes: stickers, permanent markers, craft paints, colorful tissue paper, etc.
  • Supplies to make notes for inside boxes: colorful construction or card stock paper can be used.

Contact List:
Does your chapter want to work with The Jared Box Project in the future?

Contact: Cindy Kolarik, The Jared Box Project