Submit Chapter and Member Photos

Don't forget to share your member/chapter stories and good quality photos so we can display in publications and on the national website.  

If you have a great photo to share that depicts RUSH, Leadership, Friendship & Service submit using our member story form so we may consider for publicizing.

Photos should:
  • All submitted photos must have been taken or given permission by the photographer. 
  • Images should be as large as possible but no larger than 1280 pixels on the longest side, type jpg - set to the highest quality. The color space should be set to sRGB. DPI is only relevant for output purposes and does not effect the stored size of the image. It can be set to any number, but if you must specify something go with 72 dpi.  
  • Should depict the individual/group upholding the National Bylaws. 
  • Not portray or imply illegal activity of any kind Not contain any lewd or indecent language or images. 
  • Images that solely feature a logo or trademark - this is a copyright or trademark infringement. 
  • All submissions depicting a minor must be accompanied by a model release that was signed by that minor's parent or legal guardian. If no model release is obtained, should not display clear faces of children, 
  • Demonstrate versatility in race, ethnicity & genders. 
  • Images should be correctly exposed and in-focus.