ALL NEW FOR 2017! Service Innovation Grants

Calling all active Alpha Phi Omega chapters in good standing! You are eligible to be selected for a grant opportunity that is ALL NEW for 2017! Grants available will be a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $500. Submit your proposal before May 1, to be considered for a Service Innovation Grant (SIG). 

The goal of the Service Innovation Grant (SIG) is to provide funding for chapter service projects that address a particular area of need in an innovative way.  Your chapter is encouraged to apply for a grant.


Here are some important points:

•   All chapters of Alpha Phi Omega in good standing, as defined by our National Bylaws, may apply for an APO Service Innovation Grant. Maximum grant per chapter is $500. Minimum is $100.

•   For a proposal to be considered it must conform to the specific criteria as described and must use the official grant application form found on the Chapter Officer Portal ( Only one application per project or program will be considered. Submission of an application does not guarantee a grant of any amount.

•   Proposed projects must focus on a new innovative project, or approach to a project, or an existing project that is innovative in the manner it is delivered. The project must be able to be duplicated by other chapters. The emphasis is on innovation. Innovation can be through technology, staffing of a project, a different way to reach a target audience, data collection on a recurring project, a delivery method of the service, a way of expanding a project, or a method of expanding the reach of a project to name just a few. Your chapter needs to be organized enough to complete the project even if the original proposer is no longer around, especially if you plan a summer or fall project.

•   The project may be one-time, short-term, or ongoing. However, the project receiving grant funds must be scheduled to occur between May 1 and December 31. Chapters selected for grants that fail to perform the project must return the grant award to the National Office.

•   A chapter's failure to submit the project and expense report will constitute a failure to fulfill a financial and/or administrative obligation to the National Fraternity and will jeopardize the chapter's standing with the National Fraternity. Chapters that are NOT in good standing are prevented from voting at the National Convention and could face other sanctions as prescribed in the National Bylaws.



Application Deadline                                   May 1 (Apply via the OP at

Notification to Applicants                           May 15

Project Execution                                         May 1 - December 31

Project Report Due (submitted via OP)    Two weeks after completion of project.

If you have any questions in preparing your application, contact the National Office via email at or by phone at 816-373-8667.