John Mack Recipients Announced

KANSAS CITY, MO — Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity is pleased to announce that 48 of its members will receive the 2017 John Mack Scholarship for their exemplary leadership and service.

The John Mack Scholarship Award is a scholarship for active student members of Alpha Phi Omega who exhibit leadership and participation in extracurricular activities to benefit charitable or humanitarian organizations in need. Recipients of the scholarship are awarded funding to put toward their educational expenses at their current university. Recipients will receive awards in the amounts of $1,000, $2,000 or $5,000 scholarships. 

Mr. John Mack, the majority benefactor of this program, was one of the early brothers of the Fraternity.  Brother Mack wanted to give back to the Fraternity in his retirement years, and a scholarship fund was established in 1997. 


Congratulations to the following brothers:

$5,000 Scholarship

Aneesa Vaidya, Phi Xi Chapter 

$2,000 Scholarship

Benjamin William Herrick, Alpha Zeta Xi Chapter


$1,000 Scholarship (listed alphabetically by chapter Greek name)

Caleigh Wells, Alpha Beta Tau Chapter

Emily Herschbein, Alpha Beta Xi Chapter

Sheri Sarnoff, Alpha Delta Eta Chapter

Kristin Hensley, Alpha Delta Eta Chapter

Kristen Bozza, Alpha Delta Iota Chapter

Caroline Habrowski, Alpha Delta Upsilon Chapter

Mary Christina Ramsey, Alpha Delta Xi Chapter

Kusha Gharahi, Alpha Epsilon Zeta Chapter

Kirsten Anderson, Alpha Epsilon Zeta Chapter

Hannah Race, Alpha Eta Sigma Chapter

Jessica Keller, Alpha Eta Tau Chapter

Abigail Lorraine Rossman, Alpha Gamma Chi Chapter

Natalee Ball, Alpha Rho Chapter

Megan Daniels, Alpha Zeta Chapter

Jeremy Jones, Alpha Zeta Chapter

Heba Hanbali, Alpha Zeta Chapter

Jeffrey Akers, Alpha Zeta Chapter

Alena Cassisi, Alpha Zeta Iota Chapter

Kyle Licht, Chi Pi Chapter

Stephanie Blagaich, Delta Delta Chapter

Rick Cazzato Jr., Epsilon Chapter

David Lai, Epsilon Mu Chapter

Caitlin Kennedy, Epsilon Omega Chapter

Preston Podolske, Eta Lambda Chapter

Sehie Koh, Eta Pi Chapter

Lillian Wangler, Gamma Sigma Chapter

Kari Kinser, Gamma Zeta Chapter

Summer Collins, Kappa Theta Chapter

Spencer Sullivan, Kappa Theta Chapter

Maria Velazquez, Phi Chapter

Pranav Sheth, Phi Xi Chapter

Ruth Anne Marshall, Psi Omega Chapter

Vincent Ma, Rho Pi Chapter

Charline Contreras, Sigma Nu Chapter

Chelsea Doyle , Theta Kappa Chapter

Emily Olander, Theta Kappa Chapter

Sarah Cohen, Theta Kappa Chapter

Elisabeth Burken, Xi Chapter

Rebecca Dooley, Xi Lambda Chapter

Sydney Moats, Xi Upsilon Chapter

Nicole Mace, Xi Upsilon Chapter

Samantha Meluch, Xi Upsilon Chapter

Theodore Pichalski, Zeta Beta Chapter

Kelsea Mensh, Zeta Beta Chapter

Samantha May, Zeta Sigma Chapter

Kaitlin Riall, Zeta Sigma Chapter