Fall Pledge Class Namesake Challenge

A Challenge to the 2015 Fall Pledge Class 

Dear Pledges, 

Allow me to be one of the first to welcome you to Alpha Phi Omega.  As a pledge and an active member of Zeta Nu Chapter at Southern Illinois University in the early '60s, our fraternity has been an important part of my life for a long time.  Prior to college, I was very involved in the programs of Boy Scouts of America.  I am an Eagle Scout and Quartermaster Sea Scout.  My choice to pledge Alpha Phi Omega was an easy one.  I was already familiar with its principles and I had a desire to continue to be of service to others. 

At Southern Illinois University, my chapter coordinated a campus-wide effort to assist students with disabilities getting from one class to another or to participate in other campus activities.  We would help in any way we could.  Sometimes we carried books, and at other times, we helped students in wheelchairs get to the higher floors of a building if no elevators were available, which was often the case.  Southern Illinois University was one of the first universities in the country to accommodate the needs of students with disabilities.  Through the experience I had with my brothers in Alpha Phi Omega, helping others with handicaps has been important to me ever since.   

With this in mind, I challenge you, the Alpha Phi Omega 2015 Fall Pledge Class, to focus on being of service to people with disabilities on campus and in your surrounding community.  Find out what office at your university handles the accommodations for students and faculty with disabilities, develop a list of areas where your chapter can be of specific help and establish, or enhance, such programs.  Contact the office of local government officials or a community center and ask how you and your brothers can be of service. 

I would like each chapter to send a report to our national President, the Honorable John Ottenad (via Officer Portal Form), at the Alpha Phi Omega National Office and to me detailing your plan of action for your college campus and community.  In recognition of your efforts in this regard, I will provide first, second and third place grants to the chapters with the best plans and execution in the amounts of $1,500, $1,000 and $500, respectively.  Think about how your chapter could use one of these grants.  Being in Alpha Phi Omega is all about being leaders in service, and I look forward to seeing how your Pledge Class plans to do just that. 

Go out and make a difference! 
Philip M. Pfeffer

NOTE: Reporting should be done via the Officer Portal.  Please login to the Officer Portal to complete the Fall Pledge Class Namesake Challenge Report.  The report can be found under the 'Forms' icon and is titledFall 2015 Pledge Class Challenge Plan of Action Report