Disaster Relief

It is in the nature of an Alpha Phi Omega brother to want to step in and help during a time of need. Often, that desire and willingness to be of service is met with the uncertainty of not knowing how to help or where to start. After the recent hurricanes and the ongoing fires, APO has facilitated a platform for members to reach out to other members who have been affected by these catastrophic events. Through the buttons below, APO brothers who are willing to volunteer and provide assistance can be connected with brothers who are in need of assistance. 

For those in need of assistance, click the "Request Assistance" button to submit your information including your location, preferred method of contact and type of assistance needed. 

For those willing to volunteer, click the "Volunteer" button to access a list of APO brothers who have requested assistance. Contact the brother(s) directly with the information provided to create the best plan of action for meeting their needs.

Please click the button below that best applies to you (login required): 

            request assistance Hurricane icon_volunteer.png