National Convention Award Recipients

Congratulations to the chapters and brothers who were selected for the following National Awards. Recipients were determined by various committees and presented at the 2016 National Convention in Pittsburgh:


Grossi Man Mile Award
Alpha Chapter - Canada at the University of British Columbia


Arno Nowotny Service Award
Gamma Lambda Chapter at Clemson University


M.R. Disborough Scouting Award
Gamma Theta Chapter at the University of Colorado at Boulder


Howard Patton Leadership Award
Theta Kappa Chapter at SUNY Binghamton


Josiah Frank Historian Award
Alpha Zeta Kappa Chapter at Eastern Kentucky University


Earle Herbert Friendship Award
Theta Alpha Chapter at Stevens Institute of Technology

Phyllis Tenney Advisor Award
Rob Langdorf, Alpha Zeta Chapter at the University of Kentucky
Amy Little, Omicron Chapter at the University of Iowa


National Distinguished Service Key
Carla Moran, Theta Zeta Chapter at the University of New Hampshire
Maggie Katz, Gamma Pi Chapter at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor