National Volunteer Conference

The National Volunteer Conference (NVC), is an opportunity for Alpha Phi Omega alumni to develop their skills as effective, energized, and engaged volunteers of the Fraternity. This year's NVC is scheduled for July 23-26, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland. 

"Our theme this year is "Why I Volunteer"  - attendees will be inspired by the stories each of us tell about why we give back to the fraternity through our volunteer efforts, while also expanding our networks and connections, and increasing skill levels with workshops and sessions tied to life skills and fraternity programming, powered by the best of APO Volunteer University."    

The weekend-long conference offers the chance to attend workshops designed to help attendees develop as a volunteer, to interact with the Board of Directors, and to network with other volunteers from across the country. The conference will provide alumni volunteers with the training and skills that will help them succeed, whether the alumni is a recent graduate looking to get involved or a veteran volunteer.  Workshops will be organized in tracks to meet all skill level needs and will include APO Volunteer University content, APO LEADS Content Training, Sectional Chair training, and other volunteer development workshops.  

Please explore the menu items on the left or click here to download our informative flyer. The NVC is scheduled on July 23-26, 2015 in Baltimore, MD - click here for more information.

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