Resources & FAQ's


Q: When is the final deadline to register and pay online?
All registrations and payments must be submitted & paid online by December 5th, 2016.  The online registration link will be taken down on December 15th, 2016 at 5pm CT to allow processing and prepping registration materials prior to shipping materials.  If you miss this cutoff, don't worry - on-site registration will be accepted however banquet space is not guaranteed.


Q: What is the Value Package?

A: The value package is a bundled option consisting of a discounted registration rate, tickets to the Brotherhood & Celebration banquets and a souvenir. The value package & pricing is only available to attendees who register & pay by 11/7/2016 at 5pm CT.


Q: When will the Value Package end?

A: The value package must be purchased & paid for by 11/7/2016 at 5pm CT!  All registrants that select the value package but do not pay by this date/time will be notified.  All unpaid registrations will be manually assessed the regular registration rate.

Q: a la carte Registration

A: The value package rate offers a discounted rate bundled to include registration & both banquets.  For those attendees who can't make or prefer not to attend one or both banquets we offer a la carte registration options.  This allows each item to be selected individually.

Student & Chapter Advisors Registration Only

This selection is for Chapter Advisors, Initiates, Pledges, Petitioning & Interest Group members and includes the Society of Life Member Advisor discount.

Early Rate (through 11/7/2016 by 5pm CT)                           Rate: $145    
Late Rate (11/8/2016 - 12/5/2016)                              Rate: $161 

Alumni Registration Only
This selection is for Alumni (who are not actively advising a chapter, Sectional Chairs and Board members.

Early Rate (through 11/7/2016 by 5pm CT)                                  Rate: $175

Late Rate (11-8-206 - 12-5-2016):                                                           Rate: $191

Society of Life Members discount $15.                 

Guest Registration Only

Registration selection is available only to non-member guests who plan to attend the various workshops and sessions offered during convention.  If you do not plan to attend a workshop or other session, you do not have to pay to register.  If you plan to attend a banquet only, you may register for each individually.                                                                    
                                                                                                                                    Rate: $25

Q: What if I'm not seeing the correct registration type?

A: You may need to login so that the registration system can perform a lookup against the membership database.  If you are listed as alumni, but have returned to active status, you'll need to have your chapter perform a roster change to add you back in and pay the Annual Active Membership Dues.  If you are listed as a student but have graduated and would like to attend as alumni, email so that our staff can make the necessary adjustments in the membership database.

For additional information about the various registration types, click here.

Q: What can you tell me about the Receptions & Banquets?

A:  Brotherhood Banquet will be 12/28/2016 from 6-8 PM
            Adults: $40                                Child (minor): $20              

            Celebration Banquet will be 12/30/2016 from 7-10 PM.            
            Adults: $45                                Child (minor): $20

            Alumni Day Reception (for alumni & guests) will be 12/28/2016 from 12-2 PM.             
            Add-on to APO Registration or Value package:         $35             
            Reception ONLY (no admission to other events):      $55


Q: When should I expect my registration confirmation?

A: After submitting your online registration you will see a confirmation webpage.  Shortly after submission, you will receive an email to the email provided during registration. We recommend saving or printing this email as proof of registering. Should you need another confirmation or group confirmation/receipt, please email

If you pay by credit card you will also receive a receipt from our credit card processor after the transaction is processed & approved.  

If paying by check you will receive a confirmation once the National Office has received and processed your payment. 

Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: Refunds for convention registration and meals are subject to approval.   

Refunds may be given to registrants that cancel at least two weeks prior to December 27th (onset of convention) and extended to those with extenuating circumstances.  Meal refunds are considered separately & subject to approval based on hotel policies.  

If cancellation is not requested at least two weeks prior to December 27th (onset of convention), the Executive Director with consultation of the National Finance & Operations Director may consider to authorize refunds to those with extenuating circumstances if presented in writing within 30 days of the closing of convention (by January 29th). Meal refunds are considered separately & subject to approval based on hotel policies.  

All refunds must be submitted in writing for consideration to


Q: What about Parking?

A: Parking is determined by the specific hotel or accompanying lot.  Please refer to the Travel & Parking page for additional details.

Q: How do I MODIFY or ADD ITEMS on to my Convention Registration? 

A: To MODIFY your registration details such as your name, travel details, phone, email or any other item already submitted and does not impact a refund and/or additional payments- open your confirmation email and click the link provided to access your registration details. Perform the updates necessary and save to submit.

To ADD additional item to a previously submitted registration such as banquets or souvenir pins that require additional payments to be made; open the confirmation email you received and click the link to access your registration details.  Add the items and follow the on-screen prompts to update your registration.  You will receive a new email confirming the additional items. 

To CANCEL or REMOVE items from your registration email.  You are unable to perform cancellations/removals that require credits via the update screen.  Please email all pertinent details to


Q: What if my school will be mailing a check to cover our various registration fees?

A: If your school will be paying using a school check, please go ahead and ask each individual who will be attending to register themselves.  They should select the payment type 'Mail Check to Alpha Phi Omega' option.  Then email the list of registrants names and their registration #'s (preferred) to  

The school check request should be made to your school by 11/7/2016 to obtain the value package/discounted rate.  

If a request for school funds is made after 11/7/2016 the full registration rate will be required - as the value package rate is only valid if registered & paid by 11/7/2016.  

If registration and or school check request is made after 11/6/2016 - please make sure the school knows all payments should be received by 12/15/2016.  This assures that all payments are received and registrations are processed for before our staff travels to the various convention locations.  If payment is not made by this time and crosses in mail you will be required to pay on-site until the payment is received in our office.  Once this occurs accounting will issue a refund the on-site payer.

Please find a helpful letter containing the suggested wording as a resource to obtain funding from the school on the right.


Q: How much is the hotel and how do I book a room?

A:  For security purposes, all attendees and their roommates must register with the hotel.  We are offering two hotel options due to space and double room type availability.  Reserve early to receive desired space & rate!  Click on the Hotel link to find additional details and a link to their registration site.

Q: When should I arrive to get the full Convention experience?
We suggest arriving by noon/afternoon on December 27th. The convention ends with the final Celebration banquet on December 30th. Many brothers leave the morning of the 31st.


Q: How can I raise money for Convention?

A: Inquire if your college, Alumni Association, or advisors can help supplement conference costs for attendees! You may also ask a family member for money to attend as a holiday gift! Please find a letter to the school and a list of great fundraising ideas on the right.


Q: How much do I need to put down on my hotel reservation?

A: As a standard for most hotels, they require you to put down a deposit that is equal to one night of your stay when registering through the hotel. Please contact the hotel(s) for additional details.


Q: Can I transfer my already paid registration fee to another person?

A: Yes, you can transfer your paid registration to another attendee.  Please email with your name and the person who will be attending with your paid registration fee.

Q: Can I just register and pay onsite?

A: Yes, you can register and pay on site, but registration space & banquet tickets are not guaranteed.  You will not be given the value package rates and/or early bird late.  You will be required to pay the late rate.


Q: Do I have to attend the entire convention?

A: We bring a diverse course track designed to suit everyone.  You are allowed to select the course schedule best for you.  However, if you are a voting delegate you must attend legislation session.  


Q: Who do I contact for questions not listed here or on the website?

A: If you have any other questions not outlined on our website or listed on our FAQ's page, please email