National Operations Council

The 2014 Convention created the National Operations Council to develop, implement and evaluate Fraternity programs and to perform related administrative and operational functions.

The Council will include the national president, the national vice president, national program chairs, regional chairs, and the national executive director as an ex-officio, non-voting member. 
You will find a blank copy of the Vitae Candidate form under our Convention Resources or by clicking here. Please complete and attach the completed document to the corresponding form field below.

Click here to download the organizational chart of the National Operations Council structure.

Regional chairs will be elected during regional meetings at the National Convention. 

National program chairs will be nominated by the national president for approval by the National Board of Directors and the National Student Advisory Committee. The national program areas are:
  • Alumni Relations
  • Extension
  • Finance and Operations
  • International Relations
  • Leadership Development
  • Membership
  • Service
  • Volunteer Development
A brief description of the National Program Chair duties can be found here.

Applications and recommendations of persons to be considered for the National Program Chairs has now closed.