Duties of the National Program Chairs

The duties of the National Program Chairs are described below. Further details are available in the Alpha Phi Omega National Bylaws and Fraternity Operations and Policy Manual.   Applications are now closed.


DUTIES OF THE NATIONAL PROGRAM CHAIRS.  The National President shall nominate a number of individuals, one each to serve as the national program chair of a specific program, as defined in the Fraternity Operations and Policy Manual. Such nominations require the approval of both the National Board of Directors and the National Student Advisory Committee. National program chairs are responsible for the development, implementation, and evaluation of programs within their respective areas of jurisdiction.
Fraternity Operations and Policy Manual
Category II, Subcategory 1, Policies III and IV

There shall be one national program chair appointed to oversee, coordinate, and be responsible for each of the following program areas:

a. Alumni Relations - coordinate all alumni affairs of the Fraternity and promote continued alumni interest in the Fraternity's ideals and programs.

b. Extension - promote and encourage the reactivation of previously voided charters and the formation of new chapters within the United States.

c. Finance & Operations - propose ways and means to finance the Fraternity adequately; propose expenditures through annual budget recommendations and a written report; oversee and coordinate the Fraternity's fundraising programs and activities; evaluate National Office personnel practices and operational procedures for the purpose of providing recommendations, advice and counsel to the National President, the National Executive Director and the National Board of Directors regarding personnel and operational matters; oversee use and development of Fraternity symbols.

d. International Relations - monitor relationships between the Fraternity and other Alpha Phi Omega organizations worldwide and the International Council of Alpha Phi Omega; oversee extension efforts in other nations, with a goal of forming new national Alpha Phi Omega organizations in other countries; coordinate Alpha Phi Omega USA delegations to the national conventions of other international or national Alpha Phi Omega organizations; assist in welcoming and receiving delegations from other Alpha Phi Omega organizations to conventions of Alpha Phi Omega USA

e. Leadership Development - establish and coordinate leadership development programs on the sectional, regional and national levels. 

f. Membership - promote and encourage programs and activities that serve and support chapters; promote and encourage programs and activities for the enhancement of membership recruitment, retention and reporting in the Fraternity; promote and encourage  programs and services for chapter advisors.

g. Service - develop a two-year national service program for consideration and action by the biennial National Convention; stimulate effective and well-rounded service programs by instigating resource development and distribution; encourage high-quality chapter service programs through an effective program of promotion and recognition of chapter service activities, opportunities and incentives.

h. Volunteer Development - initiate and coordinate identification, recruitment, development, retention and recognition programs for volunteers to work within and for the Fraternity.