New National Board Structure Underway

Implementation of the sweeping changes to the National Board of Directors approved by the 2014 National Convention is underway. The changes were adopted to create a more efficient structure that will allow the Board to focus on ensuring a strategically sound future for Alpha Phi Omega, while simultaneously providing a strong foundation for addressing the day-to-day operations of the Fraternity.
To implement the changes, voting delegates to the 2016 National Convention in Pittsburgh this December will elect:

  • The national president
  • The national vice president
  • Seven board members (of those seven, at least one must live in each of the four National Convention districts.  The other three will be elected as at-large members.)
A nominating committee of eight members of the National Student Advisory Committee and two past national presidents is developing a slate of candidates to recommend to the Legislative Assembly.
The slate will be widely publicized throughout the Fraternity beginning no later than December 1.
The committee will present the slate to the Legislative Assembly on December 27.  Additional nominations may be made at that time, and before elections each candidate will be allowed up to 5 minutes for remarks.
After all speeches, Voting Delegates will be instructed where and when to cast their ballots.  Results will be announced to the Legislative Assembly as soon as possible after the votes are tallied.
In addition to the members elected by the Convention, the Board will include: two other at-large members elected by the Board itself, the immediate past national president, and one other past national president chosen by the remaining past presidents. The national executive director and the national legal counsel will be non-voting members.

National Operations Council
The 2014 Convention also created the National Operations Council to develop, implement and evaluate Fraternity programs and to perform related administrative and operational functions.

The Council will include:
  • National president
  • National vice president
  • National program chairs (will be nominated by the national president for approval by the National Board of Directors and the National Student Advisory Committee)
  • Regional chairs (will be elected during regional meetings at the National Convention)
  • National executive director as an ex-officio, non-voting member.
National program chairs will be nominated by the national president for approval by the National Board of Directors and the National Student Advisory Committee.

The national program areas are Alumni Relations, Extension, Finance and Operations, International Relations, Leadership Development, Membership, Service, and Volunteer Development.

**Applications and recommendations of persons to be considered for these positions are being accepted online.  You will find a description of the respective roles and candidacy forms under the 'Nomination Process & Roles' menu link on your left.**