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As brothers, we all know the story of how Alpha Phi Omega began. How Frank Reed Horton was inspired by his service during the first world war and founded Alpha Phi Omega in 1925 at Lafayette College. The story of our fraternity's history is ingrained in our minds; however, it is does not define the story of our brotherhood. 

Our story is made up of the individual stories of all of our members - past, present, and future. Every brother, from the moment he or she becomes a pledge, begins their personal story about the meaning that Alpha Phi Omega has to them and the impact the fraternity has on their lives. The National Convention is the culmination of all of these stories. 

The National Convention represents an opportunity for brothers from across the nation to get together and tell their stories and add to the amazing story of our organization. It is a chance for brothers to reflect on the story so far and propel the story forward. A chance to remember the history, to live the cardinal principles, to share our experiences, and to celebrate new memories. 

From dance marathons to friends that are made for a lifetime, from peep eating contests to candy-inspired nicknames, from hosting small movie nights to singing the toast song with 2,000 brothers - This is Our Story. We are beyond excited for you to join us in Pittsburgh this December as we remember it, live it, share it, and celebrate it together!