Course Description

Launch focuses on explaining exactly what it is that makes chapters' leadership effective and covers the differences between the traditional notion of leadership and the evolving concept of servant leadership. 
•   Increase the participants' knowledge of leadership skills and principles.
•   Understand and utilize the principles of Servant Leadership and understand how it applies to Alpha Phi Omega.
•   Provide active strategies that participants can use in their chapter.
•   Increase participants' awareness of leadership opportunities in Alpha Phi Omega.

Explore teaches students the skills necessary to effectively resolve and manage conflict, discusses the sources of conflict and practicing ethical decision-making, while breaking down different types of conflict and appropriate ways to respond in these situations. 
•   To enhance one's knowledge of leadership values and qualities.
•   To understand sources of conflict
•   To put ethical decision making into practice.
•   To differentiate the processes of decision making and problem solving, as well as learn the details of each.
•   To acquire additional understanding and skills in conflict resolution. 
Achieve is a course that centers on the advantages of generating a team-like atmosphere by teaching participants a set of skills that set them up to be able to lead their chapters to universal success

•   To provide participants with team approaches and the opportunity to practice these skills.
•   To view a chapter as a team and framework for more effective chapter operations.
•   To understand the stages of a team development and team process. 
Discover attendees will learn strategies for assertive communication and self-motivation within the context of the servant chapter model. 
•   To understand social interaction styles of yourself and others and their effects on relationships.
•   To provide assertiveness skills that will help you be a better individual, brother, leader and team member.
•   To identify motivating factors that will enable you to be the most effective and efficient in what you want to do. 
Serve This weekend-long training session designed to allow students to learn and practically apply project and meeting management and delegation in a group setting. Serve is available during the summer and over President's Day weekend at various locations around the country. There is a $60 student or $80 alumni cost associated with the course that will cover food, supplies, and lodging for the weekend.

•   To provide a framework for effective chapter management
•   To give participants transferable skills that may be used in their careers beyond Alpha Phi Omega
•   To provide future fraternity leaders with management skills
•   To add to the skill sets learned in other APO LEADS courses
•   To create a project plan in small groups which can be adapted at the chapter level
•   To practice project management skills
•   To incorporate the Servant Chapter Organizational function and apply it to the project plan
•   To apply the Servant Leadership Characteristics throughout the weekend
•   To commit to applying the skills learned in your home chapter

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