Our brothers at the University of Delaware partnered with Blue Hen Veterans to help memorialize those that we lost since 9/11. At 6:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning, forty brothers helped put up 7,000 flags on the Main Green at the University of Delaware for the 7,000 soldiers killed in action since 9/11. Since these soldiers lost their lives serving our country, it's very fitting that we as brothers of Alpha Phi Omega help to make sure these soldiers are remembered, since one of our core principles is to be of service. Here is what our Scouting Chair, Carter McKennon, had to say: Today a group of brothers gathered on the green at 6:30 AM to help place 7,000 flags on the green in honor of the 7,000 service members killed in action since 9/11. Be sure to keep those men and women in your thoughts and prayers today, and every day. Happy Veteran's Day.