Endowment Opportunities

Alpha Phi Omega provides multiple opportunities to link, in perpetuity, your name or the name of someone you select, with the traditions and future of the Fraternity through the establishment of a named endowed fund.  In each case, your initial gift, enhanced by any subsequent gifts you or others may choose to add, will become the endowment's principle and will be invested.  The principle will never be spent.  Investment earnings will be used for the purpose(s) agreed to by you and the Fraternity at the time the endowment is established.   

Opportunities include: 
President's Excellence Endowment 
To provide funds for unrestricted use by the president to further the pursuit of excellence in fulfilling the Fraternity's mission to prepare campus and community leaders through service.  

EXAMPLE:  Cover the transportation, lodging and other costs of the National Student Advisory Committee.   

EXAMPLE:  Cover the costs of chapter voting delegates to participate in the National Convention.  

Leadership Excellence Endowment
To provide funds to further the pursuit of excellence in creating and delivering leadership development opportunities for Alpha Phi Omega students and volunteers.  

EXAMPLE:  Provide grants for students to participate in leadership  training programs.  

Friendship Excellence Endowment 
To provide funds to further the pursuit of excellence in growing and serving the Fraternity's membership by increasing Alpha Phi Omega's visibility, accessibility, appeal, benefit and diversity among college students and administrators.  

EXAMPLE:  Provide stipends for APO graduate students who are studying on campuses without active chapters and are willing to lead extension efforts on those campuses.

Service Excellence Endowment 
To provide funds to further the pursuit of excellence in enabling more students to do more service on more campuses.  

EXAMPLE:  Provide grants for chapters to do service projects with our national charitable partners, such as the Boy Scouts of America, the Girl Scouts of the USA, Special Olympics, and others.  

Sustaining Excellence Endowment
To further the pursuit of excellence in keeping membership fees paid by students as low as possible by providing an alternative source of funds for ongoing operations, administration and maintenance.

EXAMPLE:  Provide funding for ongoing replacement and upgrades of technology and equipment in the National Headquarters.  In addition to new endowments, Alpha Phi Omega also welcomes gifts to existing endowments.  

Endowment Gift Levels  
Named endowments may be established at the levels shown below.  For illustrative purposes only, the right column shows the amount of annual revenue an endowment at the respective level would generate assuming a 5% investment return.  The gift to establish an endowment may be made in a single sum or via a pledge payable over a period of up to five years.  

Amount of Gift

Expected Annual Revenue Generated 

















Start Creating the Future Today 

More information about creating or contributing to an Alpha Phi Omega endowment is available from:  

Robert J. London, CAE, Executive Director Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity