"As a member and now President of APO I feel like Youtopia helps us streamline the entire process.  It helps us not only track our service hours, but our fellowship, our dues, and attendance.  It helps our whole chapter know what's going on and it really gets our name out there in the community.  And other chapters will be able to collaborate with us, which I think will be really beneficial," said Claire Burns, Gamma Xi Chapter President, Rockhurst University

Youtopia is a member engagement platform that provides instant access to plug-and-play gamification tools (points, badges, and leaderboards) that incentivizes pledges, chapter members and alumni to become more engaged in their chapter, campus, community and the Fraternity. Youtopia matures with students from pledge status through initiation and beyond graduation. Now chapter officers of APO have a fun and easy way to inspire their members to do all of the good things they want them to do; a way to acknowledge their hard work; and a way to reward them for going above and beyond. Youtopia gives APO the power to organize and inspire participation within chapters, on campus, and in the community.
These are just a few of Youtopia's benefits:
  • Tracking and verifying the service members and alumni complete.
  • Generating activity reports that make it simple to compare how well your members are performing at every level.
  • Providing a comprehensive account of your APO service career, right at your fingertips.
  • Integrating social media so you can share accomplishments with family, friends, prospective members, and future employers.

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"Why I like working with APO is because we're a group that came together to do service, but also to be kind of a family in doing service, and connect in that way.  Youtopia is going to be a really great way to do that, because we can kind of match each other and see how everyone else is doing, and see how APO on the national level or even regional level is doing, and see what are larger family is," said Naina Desai, Sigma Chapter at Northwestern University

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