Scouting Certificates

The National Scouting and Youth Services Committee created the Scouting Recognition Certificate to recognize those scouts who receive the highest award of their scouting program. 

It can be used to recognize:

  • Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Venturers who earn the Eagle Scout Award of the BSA
  • Venturers who earn the Venturing Silver Award, Venturing Ranger Award, or Venturing Quest Award of the BSA
  • Sea Scouts who earn the Sea Scout Quartermaster Award of the BSA
  • Girl Scouts who earn the Gold Award of the GSUSA
  • Camp Fire Boys or Girls who earn the WoHeLo award of Camp Fire USA. 

This is a great way to recognize these youth for the work they have done to achieve these high honors, as well as to help promote APO to these future college students.

We leave it up to each Chapter/Alumni Association to work out how they wish to distribute these certificates. We recommend contacting the local Scout Council and offer this certificate to their members. You can either offer to make the certificate available to any scout who requests it or you can try to get a list of all recipients of these awards for the year, and present them at their annual recognition events for these scouts.

To request a certificate to be printed free of charge by the National Office please submit the request form below.  Please allow up to three weeks for processing.  If you have more than five recipients, a Microsoft Excel file may be attached.

Provide include following details as required within the online form:

Recipient name(s) (lists can be uploaded via an excel spreadsheet)
Type of Award
Date of Recognition
Council Name
Troop Name 
Troop #
Mailing Address (for mailing the completed certificate(s) to) 
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