Meet Our Staff

Bob London, ext. 11    
National Executive Director 
National Goals, National Office Support, Convention, Board of Directors, Affinity Programs, Publications, Vendors, Partnerships, Fraternity Finances, Spirit & Standards, Risk Management, Insurance.

Accounting & Finance Department

Linda Secrist, ext. 12   
Deputy Executive Director, Director of Finance  
Serves as the Deputy Executive Director.  Oversees the Accounting & Finance Department.  Responsibility's include Finances, Chapter Billing, Chapter Receivables, Chapter Suspense, National Budgets, Chapter and Alumni requests for Federal ID numbers, Convention Support and the BANC Program.

Erika Brant, ext. 24  
Director of Annual Giving
Torchbearer Fund, Torchbearer Status, Annual Tribute Report. Donation entry & mailings, Torchbearer Certificates & mailings, Tax Letters, Donor support.

Michelle Zimmerman, ext. 21 
Finance Assistant
Finances, Chapter Membership Payments, Chapter Suspense, Credit Card Processing. 

Chapter Services Department

Stacey Robinson, ext. 13 
Director of Chapter Services
Oversees the Chapter Services & Consulting Department,  Manages all services to chapters handled through the national office including educational programs, online learning, Chapter Consultant visitation, programs that support chapter operations and liaison to national program committees. 

Taryn Golling, ext. 22  
Associate Director of Chapter Services
Works with the Director of Chapter Services to oversee all programs that support and assist chapters and handles the scheduling and daily management of the Chapter Consultant Program.

Marissa Roth, ext. 19 
Chapter Consultant
Provides training and support for the growth of membership, service, and leadership programs. Recruitment Training, Membership Issues, Travels to Work with Chapters and Extension efforts. 

Ellyce Loveless, ext. 26
Chapter Consultant
Provides training and support for the growth of membership, service, and leadership programs. Recruitment Training, Membership Issues, Travels to Work with Chapters and Extension efforts.    
Rachelle Simpson, ext. 25 
Manager of Chapter Administration
Charter Reaffirmations & AAMD, Good Standing & Chapter Reporting, Scanlon awards, Extension support, Chapter & Pledge Program of Excellence Awards. 
Manager of Officer Portal 
Chapter Officer Portal Support, membership Database Administrator, Membership Credentials for Pledges, Initiates (actives), Honorary Members, Advisory Members, and Life Members.  Also provides support to the National Volunteer Conference & National Convention within the National Office. 

Communications Department

Amanda Hetherington, ext. 20
Director of Communications 
Torch & Trefoil, Alumni and Chapter e-newsletter, as well as all other national publication maintenance, development & updates, Graphic and Publication Style Standards, Press Releases, Publication Calendar Maintenance, Annual Tribute to Donors, Brand Identity and Trademark Maintenance and Development, and Social Media. 

Extension & Technology Department 

Jason Barnhill, ext 15
Director of Technology
Oversees the Extension & Technology Department. Web site Content and Design Administrator, National Office Technology & Database Administration, Liaison to the Web hosting provider and membership database provider. Web site updates, National Online Calendar, National Convention and National Volunteer Conference Web site & support.

Miranda Hoffman, ext. 18 
Meeting Registration Coordinator 
Coordinates, manages, schedules, and tracks participants and presenters of the APO LEADS courses as well as small meetings such as APO IMPACT, Membership Academy/University and Sectional Chair Academy.

Matt Hewitt, ext. 16 
Store & Mail Clerk
Chapter Supplies & Merchandise Orders, Shipment Tracking, Workshop Materials, National Online Store, National Office Mail clerk.

Julie Luoma, ext. 14  
Alumni Volunteer Coordinator
Supports Alumni & Internal Volunteer Programs, Alumni Associations, Alumni lists, John Mack Scholarship, Youth Service Grant, Chapter Anniversaries, Scanlon and H. Roe Bartle Awards, works with Regional Directors to identify chapters that are in need of advisory support, locates and recruits alumni volunteers, & connects volunteers with the appropriate program or area where they wish to volunteer.