Our Leaders

Alpha Phi Omega is led by a diverse group of members who are elected by their brothers. These individuals dedicate themselves to serving APO and guiding the Fraternity as we strive towards our goal of 500 chapters by 2025. The Alpha Phi Omega Board of Directors, as prescribed by the National Bylaws, is the governing body of the Fraternity between national conventions. The Board has the power (within the confines of the Bylaws) to act on all matters it deems to be in the best interest of the Fraternity. 

The Board of Directors consists of the following elected, appointed and ex-officio members:


  • Hon. John K. Ottenad, Alpha Phi '89, National President
  • Robert M. Coop, P.E., Tau Omicron '91, National Vice President
  • Jeremy Bingman, Alpha Alpha '96
  • Melissa DeLuka, Epsilon Lambda '97
  • George Kober, Alpha Phi '87
  • Kent Lee, Rho Pi '05
  • Melody Martin, Delta Alpha '97
  • Keith Roots, Theta '83
  • Kenneth Tinkler, J.D., B.C.S., Zeta Upsilon '90

  • National Executive Director, Robert London, CAE, Tau Omicron '02 (Honorary)
  • Past National President, Jack McKenzie, Gamma Lambda '73
  • Immediate Past National President, Mark Stratton, Delta Xi '94
  • National Legal Counsel, Jennifer Znosko, Alpha Phi '95

The National Operations Council consists of the following elected, appointed and ex-officio members:

Program Chairs:
  • Service Chair - David Amelotti, Beta Psi '10
  • Leadership Development Chair - Craig Bona, Epsilon Lambda '03
  • Volunteer Development Chair - David Bykowski, Alpha Zeta Pi '08
  • Alumni Relations Chair - Rashid Darden, Mu Alpha '99
  • International Relations Chair - Ping Huang, Alpha Chi '90
  • Extension Chair - Ellen Kranzer, Alpha Chi '81
  • Membership Chair - Colin Milne, Theta Upsilon, '03
  • Education & Operations Chair - Marilyn Mims, Phi '91

11 Regional Chairs
  • Region I - Eric Strickland, Nu Psi '09
  • Region II - Aaron Knight, Phi '06
  • Region III - Jennifer Headman, Omicron Iota '97
  • Region IV - Mike Francis, Delta Kappa '96
  • Region V - Matt Bailey, Zeta Lambda '99
  • Region VI - Justin Martin, Alpha Alpha '04
  • Region VII - Wendy Kane, Gamma Phi '98
  • Region VIII - Jim Roach, Epsilon '97
  • Region IX - Melissa Donndelinger, Nu Pi '03
  • Region X - Kimberlee Castillo-Yee, Alpha Alpha Xi '83
  • Region XI - Anthony Schmidt, Alpha Zeta '06

Ex-Officio Member:
  • National Executive Director, Robert London, CAE, Tau Omicron '02 (Honorary)

The Board is required to meet at least annually. Actions taken by the Board are reported to chapters in Torch & Trefoil, the Fraternity's quarterly magazine. 

Under the restructured Board, approved at the 2014 National Convention and taking effect at the 2016 National Convention, each convention will elect the National President, National Vice President, four District Representatives and three Directors At-Large. After the election, the Board of Directors then appoints two more Directors At-Large and an additional Past National President, who will serve as an Ex-Officio Member. 

The restructured Board also introduces the National Operations Council that consists of eight  Program Chairs, appointed by the National President and approved by the Board of Directors and the National Student Advisory Committee; 11 Regional Chairs, elected by the chapters in the respective regions; and the National Executive Director serving as an Ex-Officio member. 

In addition, each region contains sections which are lead by sectional chairs. The Fraternity currently has 63 sectional chairs in office. Sectional chairs are voted into office yearly at their conferences. Each section contains any and all chapters within the set geographical boundaries.