Kindness Packages

Kindness Packages
  • Chapter: Zeta Gamma
  • School: Valparaiso University
  • Project Type: Chapter Project
  • Area Service: Campus
  • Project Date: 2/17/2017
  • Location: Valparaiso University Campus
  • Dollars Raised: $200
  • Dollars Budgeted: $50
  • Number Of Adults Reached: 20
  • Preparation Hours: 10
  • Total Hours: 100
  • Number Of Members Participating: 40
  • Number Of Non-Members Participating: 5

Kindness packages were assembled to be distributed out through the mail center for students on campus who typically do not receive any packages from friends/family. Packages included materials such as candy, snacks, notepads, pencils, bubbles, glow sticks, etc. Brothers donated these items and helped assemble the packages through the course of approximately two weeks for Valentine's Day and Day of Kindness. In addition, brothers wrote inspirational notes to attach to each package signed by APO.